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Tired of working with people who don’t understand your market or product?
I have walked in your shoes and can leverage my own practical experience and extensive knowledge of the nutritional health market as well as drawing on a trusted network of suppliers in this industry to help grow your business

Our Story

The story of our nutrition focussed consultancy is underpinned by our Managing Director Geoff Collins
Geoff Colllins – Managing Director FIFST, FCIM

The story of our nutrition focussed consultancy is underpinned by my more than 20 years of experience in marketing, brand building, product innovation, scientific research and regulatory compliance.

Having personally worked for new start-ups as well as some of the most commercially successful and innovative businesses in the ingredients, supplements and functional foods markets from Vitabiotics to USN to Unilever, I know that gaining success can be a real challenge in todays highly competitive and regulated environment.

This backdrop provided the motivation to create NutraCollins Consulting, through which we aim to support the commercial success of business and the health related aims of private and public organisations.

Challenges businesses face can be many and varied; perhaps your health brand isn’t growing as fast as you’d like or your concerned your current marketing approach is missing the mark and your budget is being wasted. Maybe your struggling with the development of a new product or you’d like some fresh ideas to help develop and grow your business. Possibly you are a public body who is looking to tap into or educate others on the latest technology within the nutraceutical industry.

Whatever your need, we firmly believe that our in depth knowledge of the risks and opportunities within the health and nutrition industry can be a great asset.

Our Vision

Food supplements form part of our vision linking nutritional intervention with improved health

We have a vision for improved health and wellbeing, one we believe is within the reach of people of all ages, through a combination of evidence based nutritional technology and the provision of high quality education.

All too often modern medicine is focussed on simply treating the symptoms, when a more holistic approach would often be more effective. By utilising the role of nutrition in health as both a means of intervention and one of prevention we have the potential to significantly improve peoples quality of life, as well as reducing the financial burden on state health providers.

We believe that health is not the exclusive domain of the state or large pharmaceutical companies, but rather innovative ideas and approaches can come from a diverse range of individuals or organisations and at times from seemingly unrelated areas of business.

Bringing together the different threads and knowledge from different quarters, including; health care providers, commercial businesses and academia is both exciting and challenging given the sometimes conflicting aims of the parties involved.

Our aim is to play a small part in that journey to improved health through; our support of individuals, organisations, businesses and brands in the development of effective nutritionally focussed products and technologies along with awareness building and education programmes.


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